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Am I the only person left in the world who prefers physical maps to GPS?

Went to a friend's house the other day, and discovered that my Melways (standard Melbourne roadmap) is out of date and doesn't have her street. I mentioned this to a few people - and they all looked puzzled and asked "But... don't you have a GPS?"

Yes. Yes I do have a GPS. And, thanks to my silly Melways, I had to pull out my GPS, dust off the cobwebs, find her street, and trust my GPS to guide me there while I blindly submitted to its knowledge, rather than knowing where the heck I was going.

Call me crazy, but I think there's something to be said for looking at a big piece of paper, and thinking "I am HERE, and I want to be THERE." It makes me feel much more in control. Especially since my GPS has been known to randomly go insane and decide I should be driving down a gravel farm track rather than the freeway.

Date: 2016-08-25 03:00 am (UTC)
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I'm extremely grateful to be living in a time where GPS exists, as no matter how much I would write down directions and even draw a map, I have poor concentration when driving (as in, I need to focus a lot on the road and reading signs), so looking down to read and make sense of instructions etc didn't help unless I pulled over. And I would forget street names and when to turn etc, and god forbid there were roadworks and I had to turn somewhere I hadn't counted on.

Now, I still look up an address on google maps, 'travel' there with the street view so I know in advance what landmarks/ potentially confusing spots to look out for, and then write instructions in case of GPS malfunction.
I plug the address into the GPS, and then hope it sends me the same way as what I've looked up. ;-)
If not, I trust the GPS, even though it has on occasion sent me down dirt tracks, when a perfectly good sealed road was just nearby...
I can honestly say that without my GPS, I wouldn't have travelled anywhere near as much as I have in the past. :-)


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