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...and I just finished season 2.

In which Veronica is a bit silly.

Okay, so I get that she's upset about Beaver blowing up the bus. But the frantic rush to get Mac away from him?

He wasn't going to hurt Mac. He wasn't going to kill her. And Veronica messaging her didn't help matters - it just made him come after Veronica.

Seriously, honey – he's already having sex with Mac. Let him get his rocks off, wait until he leaves the hotel, and then come after him. Mac will manage.

Date: 2014-07-14 01:56 pm (UTC)
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I see what you mean, but she's also determined (as we see later in the episode) that he raped her when she was drugged at Shelley Pomroy's party, at which she indicates she believes that he was only able to have sex with her *because* she was unconscious and non-consenting. I think she suspects that Cassidy is dysfunctional enough that he isn't capable of consensual sex, and that the fact that Mac is looking forward to having a positive, consensual sexual experience with Cassidy does *not* mean that he won't rape/abuse her anyway, or freak out in some other way.


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