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Okay. For the character-focused days, I'm going to have two answers: one for BtVS, and one for AtS. Otherwise Day 5 is going to be way too hard to answer.

Day 4: Favorite Female Character

Everyone already knows what I'm going to write for this one, don't they?

Yes, you're all very smart. It is Dawn.

I love her! She's fun, snarky, bookish, feels ignored, learns to be Awesome Support Crew rather than Starring Role, loves Harry Potter and chess, spies on and/or meddles with other character's lives, will happily ship everyone with everyone and squee over all relationships ever, will point out just how dumb the others are being, invents crazy food combinations, and will never, ever, give up on what she's trying to do.

...I could go on like this for hours.

This is a bit trickier. Because there are so many runners up – Fred, Gwen, and Illyria being the main contenders.

But I've got to go with Lilah. Because I cannot look away when she's on-screen.

She's unashamedly evil, and very good at it – with the most awesomely graphic threats I have heard coming out of the mouth of someone that well groomed. And... she's in love with Wesley, which just makes her so interesting.

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Day 30: What You Think Made Buffy So Great


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