Dec. 5th, 2015


Dec. 5th, 2015 07:19 am
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The problem with not posting regularly is that I then feel like I can't post anything until it's the BEST POST EVER I don't post at all.

- I swear, the scene in Half Blood Prince where the vampire comes to Slughorn's party - Rowling clearly wrote it purely so that she could have her Italian vampire called "Sanguini" and giggle at her awesome Latin pun.

- My son is now walking and talking - for a given definition thereof. He is, as always, extremely cute.

- Despite being halfway through Murdoch Mysteries, Elementary, Newsroom, and Despicable Me, I am eagerly rewatching Heroes - which I haven't seen in its entirety (ie: the first season, which is ALL THAT EXISTS) since it was first broadcast. It's kind of awesome.

- Finally finished the blanket that took me two damn years, and can move on to other crochet projects that interest me a bit more. (Steadfastly ignoring the cross-stitch project that's been half-complete for four years now.)

- Will put Christmas tree up today. Will then spend three weeks keeping one-year-old from destroying Christmas tree.

(Excuse me. The kidlet is demanding that I read him a story.)
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Agatha Christie used to have her novels adapted into plays by other people – and then, one day, she sighed, picked herself up, and started adapting them herself. Because everyone else was doing it wrong. They were, you see, sticking too closely to her original novel-like plot, rather than changing it to a play-type plot.

This bit of trivia is not unrelated to why I think the AtLA movie and the Harry Potter movies suck.

Okay – so there are many reasons why The Last Airbender sucks*, but this is the one that is related to the Harry Potter movies also sucking.

in which I have opinions )


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