Feb. 18th, 2014

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My life is currently busy and uninteresting, all at once.

Uninteresting because we've hit the dead period in between finding out about Germany and actually going to Germany. Busy because... well, we're going to Germany.

We are fixing the house like mad, so it'll still be standing when we get back. This involves:
- painting walls
- oiling the deck
- planting a lemon tree
- repotting my tiny parsley plants and hoping they survive
- pruning everything in sight
- clearing gutters

We are preparing our house for our housesitters. This mainly involves writing big lists of explanations on everything they should/shouldn't do to our stuff.

We are mentally packing, in preparation for the actual packing. Our packing categories include:
- clothes
- toiletries
- stuff for the husband's work
- stuff for my work
- stuff to stop me going totally insane (dvds, wool, books, soft toys, instruments)
- touristy stuff

We are hugging the cat at every opportunity, because he's my boy and I'm going to MISS him.

We are practicing language stuff as hard as we can, such as:
- German, since we'll be in Germany
- French, since we're definitely checking it out a few times
- Latin, because I'm not giving up on it now, dammit

We are simultaneously trying to catch up with everyone we know before we leave them for a year, and having to ignore most of the people we know because we're busy getting ready to leave for a year.

We are doing scads of paperwork. (Seriously, moving overseas comes with way too many forms.)

We are still trying to carry on with our normal lives, since they haven't actually stopped yet.

*is nervous, exhausted, and thrilled, all at the same time*


Feb. 18th, 2014 11:46 am
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Next time someone starts doing episode-by-episode reviews of their first time watching BtVS, I'm going to hop in my time machine, zoom off to the future, and check out what they think of Smashed.

Because if their opinion of Buffy/Spike takes a nosedive at the end of the episode, then it's not worth me wasting my time reading all the previous reviews.


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