Apr. 26th, 2013

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Apparently the US ambassador is complaining about Aussies pirating Game of Thrones.

*rolls eyes*

For the benefit of His Ambassadorship and other uninformed people - here is what I would have to do to watch Game of Thrones:
- Buy a subscription to Foxtel to watch payTV! Woo! $70 a month to watch one show! That's... what? $16 an episode? Score!
- Watch them on Netflix or Hulu! Awesome! ...for all of five seconds, until I remember that I live in Australia and *headsmack* oh yeah, we can't use those.
- Wait for the dvd. Generally, dvds come out about two years after a season of tv airs in America - if things go well. So, only a couple of years to avoid spoilers and stay off the internet. That's not hard, right?
- Piracy.

In other words, ambassador? Give me an easy way to pay, and I will. Otherwise - stuff off. I'm trying to watch telly.
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A fly just suicided in my honey jar.

I missed the moment of impact, but it's quite clear what happened. While my back was turned, focusing on my pikelets, a fly flew in, found the open, inviting honey jar, thought "Score!", dived in with great enthusiasm, and then discovered its mistake.

By the time I turned around, pikelet in hand, it was wriggling its little legs frantically, no doubt shrieking "Help! Delicious sticky death! HELP!!!" in whatever language flies speak.

I was powerless to help it. And I would have felt bad for it – but mostly, I was just annoyed about it ruining my honey.


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