Sep. 27th, 2012

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I have recently been reading Dracula. I figured that, well, it's a classic, and also, it's free, so why not?

It's actually quite good. (Which I wasn't at all expecting. Despite it being a classic. Because I'm kinda dumb.) It's also an epistolary novel, which is exactly my kind of thing.

So... hurrah! Dracula!

One thing I found rather amusing is that, as a 21st-century reader, I interpret some sentences differently to the average 19th-century gothic novel fan.
Like this:
Here Quincey Morris added, "I understand that the Count comes from a wolf country, and it may be that he shall get there before us. I propose that we add Winchesters to our armament. I have a kind of belief in a Winchester when there is any trouble of that sort around.", there they were, hunting down Dracula, and someone made the very sensible suggestion that they should bring Sam and Dean along, because those Winchester boys know a thing or two about vampire hunting - and I nodded seriously and got halfway down the page before I realised that wasn't what they'd meant.

I'm not a hopeless fangirl, I swear.


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