Apr. 11th, 2012


Apr. 11th, 2012 09:03 am
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Just realised something I've never really understood before...

A colleague walked past before, and asked "Do you ever just relax? Every time I see you, you're doing something!"

By which they mean that
- I'll walk over to get a cup of tea, and take a book with me.
- I'll sit down to watch television, and do some cross-stitch.
- I'll take the train to work, and crochet all the way there.

...and it suddenly hit me. For other people, not doing anything is relaxing. This blows my mind.

I spent years working at a bookshop, being utterly baffled by the other workers. I would go on break, pick up a book, and spend fifteen minutes sitting there reading; they would go on break, sit down, and spend fifteen minutes staring at the wall. They weren't doing ANYTHING. NOTHING AT ALL. And I couldn't get my head around how this would work and how they weren't slowly going insane for the whole break time.

For me, what I'm doing is relaxing. It occupies my hands, and allows my brain to drift off in happy directions. Whereas, if I'm literally doing nothing, I'm horribly tense and wanting to jump around and bite my nails and crinkle bits of paper and do something, ANYTHING, to get rid of all the excess energy wanting to jump out of me.

...Which leads to the slightly ludicrous situation where someone can ask me "Don't you ever just do nothing?" and I'll look up, baffled, and say "Huh? I'm just watching tv, knitting a jumper, and plotting world domination using mutant sheep. I am doing nothing."
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On Mark Watches this morning, someone made the following comment:
I still have pretty much zero sympathy for Faith because I'm too busy sympathizing for the people she's assaulted, raped, tortured, and murdered. I'm actually kind of offended by the writer's attempt to make me feel bad for her because she is an objectively terrible human being.

- characters who assault people do not deserve sympathy
- characters who rape people do not deserve sympathy
- characters who torture people do not deserve sympathy
- characters who murder people do not deserve sympathy

So, out of all the Buffyverse characters, this person likes... Tara? And maybe Dawn?

Call me crazy, but I'd say that if you can't sympathise with characters who do terrible things to people, maybe BtVS is not the show for you.


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