Feb. 14th, 2012

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A trend I have noticed in post-series Buffy crossover fics with crime procedural shows:

- The team have, through an epic misunderstanding, arrested a Scooby Gang member.
- Said Scooby sits there in interrogation, being rude and generally a pain to the team.
- Finally, another Scooby shows up, flashes a badge, says "International Watchers Council, bitches", dumps a whole stack of paperwork on their desks, and smugly waltzes out the door with Arrested Scooby - because, obviously, they're now such a high-security section of the government that they are beyond the petty rules of law enforcers.

I don't see it.

For one thing, I can't see Buffy linking up with the U.S. government. Not post-Initiative. Just... not going to happen.

And for another, I can't really see the U.S. government giving them that type of power whether they were linked up or not.

What I'd really like to see happen, instead:
- The team have, through an epic misunderstanding, arrested a Scooby Gang member.
- The team get summoned by their boss, who informs them that this person is affiliated with the I.W.C., and hence gets special privileges. Such as the right to make phonecalls to a number of other I.W.C. members at any time, and to have any of them in the room while interrogation happens.
- So, Kennedy shows up (in a business suit) ready to help out with whatever mess Dawn's landed herself in this time - and the two of them try to get Dawn out from under the murder-with-sharp-knives charge she's on, and meanwhile figure out how they're going to track down the real killers, while debating how much info these cops have to have about the whole thing...

It would, in my opinion, be a much more interesting fanfic. And someday I will find it.


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