Dec. 19th, 2011

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So, I've been coming up with superheroes.

I have the tentative beginnings of a superhero story brewing, in a world which
a) has to be somewhat similar to the Marvel and DC universes, in that it features masked/caped superheroes flying around the place defending the innocent
b) can't actually be the Marvel or DC universe, for plot related reasons.

Hence, I've been coming up with backstory - including the world's very first superheroes, both from London in the 20s.

And here is my shallow, ridiculous, first-world dilemma: I don't have a last name for my first-ever superhero.

His superhero name? Got that: Black Arrow.
Powers? All figured out?
Personal life? Done.
Costume? Easy.
First name? It's Leonard.
But his last name? clue.

I should be moving on and continuing to come up with an actual story, but instead I am sitting here, headdesking, and growling "Dammit, Leonard, just give yourself a last name! WHAT IS IT???"

So - any suggestions?

I'm wanting something British and mildly upperclass, probably a trade-ish name. Like Weaver, Tanner, Wright, or something.

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1) Cats who wake me up at 5am.

2) Internet Explorer 8, and its ludicrous system of opening sites. (When I'm reading a site and try to open a bookmarked site, it opens it in the tab I'm using - making the site I was reading go away. When I open a new tab and then hit the bookmark, it will open the bookmarked site in ANOTHER NEW TAB, and leave me with THREE tabs open instead of two. What on earth?)

3) People calling grown women "girls".

4) Whoever decided that having free Mentos at work was a good idea. I KEEP EATING THEM ALL. *has no self-control*

5) Proofreading jobs where I have to read bad writing and not comment on how bad it is.

6) Cats who wake me up at 5am. Seriously.


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