Sep. 30th, 2011


Sep. 30th, 2011 07:18 pm
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Well, I lasted nine months. Which is eight and a half months longer than most of my New Years resolutions...

I haven't done any recipes for a while. And I keep on getting behind on photos. And... I'm not going to keep berating myself for it.

As it is, I've improved my cooking skills and confidence in the kitchen - which was the point of that. And I've started noticing a lot more pretty things around me, and whipping out my camera spontaneously more - which was the point of that. So it worked.

Sorry, guys - I think I'm letting them lapse. I'll still get photos and recipes up from time to time, but I'm not keeping to a set schedule right now.

In other news:
- my housemates have moved out
- I have a new tv
- my new jobs are awesome
- I'm learning Indonesian, Latin, and French, and wishing I had enough time to revise my German and Auslan
- the world is extremely rainy
- Leverage is really fun
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I've been reading through Etiquette Hell recently, and came across this entry in the "Guests from Hell" section:
I have recently moved to California and was invited to a barbecue by some people who I considered to be well-mannered and good friends. The invitation, which arrived by mail stated that one should bring whatever one wished to put on the grill to eat. I was confused and called to ask exactly what that meant. I was advised that they would supply all side dishes, salads, bread, condiments and drinks. I, however, should bring my own hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken or whatever I wished to eat - raw- and I would be allowed to cook it on the grill for my meal. Still confused, I asked, "So I should just bring a piece of raw meat with me?" "If that's what you want to eat," they replied. They then expressed their own surprise that I was confused as that was the way barbecues are "done" in California. My friends in the South find this particularly ridiculous.

Now... I find this confusing. Is there some other way of doing barbecues that I've somehow been missing all these years?

I've been to an average of eight barbecues a year (at least) for my entire life, and at EVERY one, people have brought their own meat. Why would it be bad manners? And what were these people expecting to happen instead?


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