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Hi, everyone! Did you miss me? *puppy eyes*

So... there's this thing I just did... may have mentioned it...

Yep. That.

I am now eleven days into married life, and therefore fully qualified to pontificate in an knowledgable manner about this thing I'm now an expert at.

*clears throat*

Marriage is, in my experience, a relaxed state involving beaches, much giggling, delicious seafood, and very little hassle. I would recommend it to anyone who's looking for a stress-free, enjoyable life.

...or possibly that was a honeymoon.

The Wedding

The wedding was just lovely – including everything from the Star Wars intro music to the nicest little girl in the whole world standing up to hold my flowers. And then there was the bit where I got to marry my very favourite person. That was pretty cool.

Here are my ladies all getting ready to go:

Said ladies being: Sister 1, Sister 2, [personal profile] dr_carrot, and my one and only niece.

And here's us with all seven of the teeny people in our lives:

(Sidenote to people with kids: please note (and be very impressed by) the fact that every single kid in this photo is smiling. AT THE SAME TIME.)

Then there was a reception. Those of you who are Buffy fans might be quite interested in the speech my sisters gave:

(Husband's name is Ewen, which tends to get my family saying things like "you and Ewen... you and... um... Ewen and... gah!" - hence the mucking around in the first bit.)

Not sure if people in other countries do silly things to the newlyweds' car, but it's pretty traditional round these parts. We escaped relatively unscathed, with confetti in our suitcases and balloons in the back seat:

The Honeymoon

It's winter down here right now. So we decided that we'd go north, warm up our frozen bodies, and find out what this whole Queensland thing is all about.

Queensland has...



...opportunities to get wet.

...very wet.

...extremely wet, really.


...some birds that get close enough to almost steal your shoes.






...and other nice things.

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