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I'm not entirely ready yet to forgive JJ Abrams for Lost and Armageddon, but if he keeps producing movies like this, I might just.

That just managed to:
- reference Wrath of Khan so many times I lost count, and in so many ways I was in awe
- give Kirk a worthwhile emotional arc
- give Spock a worthwhile emotional arc
- give Kirk and Spock's friendship its own, separate, worthwhile emotional arc
- bring in the tribbles, just for fun
- make Benedict Cumberbatch the scariest frelling guy on the planet (and off it)

Every time Kirk, Spock, and McCoy start having interrupty conversations over the top of each other, I burst out laughing. Forget exploding planets - I'd be happy just watching that for a few hours.

Also? One of the first effective uses of a failing gravity drive that I've seen. Bravo.

This show is really making me appreciate Galaxy Quest so much more. The more I see of Star Trek, the more I get how on the money GQ's references really were.

Date: 2013-05-29 03:31 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] rebcake
Galaxy Quest is utterly brilliant from start to stop. We watched it (again) in a double bill with ST: The Reboot in preparation for "Into Darkness. So perfect.


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