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I hereby declare that when Sleeping Beauty was trapped in a tower surrounded by a humungous thicket so massively huge and full of thorns that no-one could break through for a hundred years...

...that thicket was just one big blackberry bush.

Blackberries are officially designated a pest in Australia, and after today I can see why. My tiny little blackberry bush has managed to grow through six of the surrounding plants, colonise other bits of the garden, and has tendrils waving six metres into the air so it can steal photosynthesis from the tree above it. It has scratched my arms to hell, dropped thorny bits all over my head, and caused me to use several swear words I wouldn't say to my dear old mother - and several more that I wouldn't say in front of anyone.

By the end of this evening, I was making loud vengeful threats to it, and informing it, through gritted teeth, that if it happened to be sentient and somehow killed me in my sleep to stop me destroying it, I'd come back from the grave and haunt it until it died because that's how pissed off I was.

And I still haven't chopped up the bits and binned them yet. That's tomorrow.

(Not that I'm done. It still exists. It's just WAY smaller. And on death row.)

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