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Plans for Yesterday Evening:
1) Go home.
2) Turn on air-conditioner (it's HOT outside).
3) Do some proofreading.
4) And maybe watch some television.
5) Cook dinner.
6) Restore phone to factory settings and reinstall everything, in an attempt to stop it from suddenly dropping the battery to NOTHING in the middle of me doing stuff.

What Actually Happened:
1) Go home.
2) Try to turn on air-conditioner, and discover that the entire house has no power.
3) Panic.
4) Call power company, and ask what's going on.
5) Wait - very bored - for power guy to get here.
6) Realise that phone battery is likely to drop to nothing at any moment, and phone is kinda necessary right now. Plug phone into laptop, and hope that laptop battery doesn't run out.
7) Discuss things with power guy.
8) Watch power guy gasp with horror as he realises that there's a huge live cable draped over the nature strip, just waiting to kill small children and puppies.
9) Ring up the owners of next door (an empty house) and explain that their roof has a big hole ripped in it from a cable coming loose, and by the way, I won't get my power back until their roof repairs are done.
10) Go to petrol station, and buy ice to put in fridge (and thereby hopefully preserve cold food).
11) Sigh, and get out candles.

Things in My House that Currently Work:
1) Hot water.
2) Candles.
3) Books.
4) Saxophone.
5) Fondue set.

Things in My House that Currently DON'T Work:
1) Fridge, oven, stove, microwave, toaster, slow cooker, sandwich press...

Things I Couldn't Do Last Night:
1) Use my air-conditioner.
2) Proof-read.
3) Watch television.
4) Do a load of laundry.
5) Cook.
6) Do some sewing.
7) Play my piano.
8) Use my WiiFit.
9) Look at the internet.
10) Reset my phone.
11) ...just about anything else that happens in my house.

The Peak of Entertainment Last Night:
1) Reading books by candlelight.
2) Trying to stop cats setting their tails on fire from candles.

Expected Time For My Power To Come Back On:
1) Tonight - IF I'm very very lucky.
2) If I'm not lucky, some time later this week.

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